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Menu card

Something small to eat

  • Marinated Camembert cheese 159 Kč
  • Beef tartare for meatlovers from young czech beef 100g/299Kč
  • Soup of the day served in freshly baked bread 139 Kč
  • Baked melted Camembert 159 Kč
  • Grilled smoked sausages 249 Kč
  • 200 g Czech cheese board and selection of meats, mustard, hot pickled peppers, gherkins 345 Kč
  • Salad with spinach, rocket, goat cheese, pear, raspberries, plums, lemon dressing 245 Kč
  • Homemade poultry pate with cranberries, bread 199Kč


Main courses from the grill – something bigger to fill your stomach up

  • 170 g Grilled chicken breast 299 Kč
    mushrooms, corn on the cob, potato, plum & garlic sauce
  • 250 g Marinated pork collar 339 Kč
    corn on the cob, potato, plum & garlic sauce
  • 200 g Fillet steak 599 Kč
    potato, corn on the cob, courgette, plum & garlic sauce
  • Fish by the daily offer with fresh herb butter 429 Kč
    corn on the cob, courgette, potato, plum and garlic sauce
  • 300 g Vegetarian platter 319 Kč
    mushrooms, pepper, courgette, aubergine, corn on the cob, tomato, grilled camembert, crambarry dip, potato, plum & garlic sauce
  • 720 g Platter of a knight 649 Kč
    chicken breast, 3 chicken wings, lamb chops, pork collar, mashrooms, sausage, corn on the cob, potato, courgette, plum & garlic sauce
  • Marinated chicken wings 6pcs/265 Kč, 10pcs/345Kč
    corn on the cob
  • Juicy veal steak 499 Kč 
    potato, courgette, corn on the cob, plum & garlic sauce
  • Lamb chops 599 Kč
    potato, corn on the cob, courgette, plum & garlic sauce


Typical Czech cuisine

  • 700 g Baked pork honey ribs 389 Kč
    with sweet chilli sauce
  • Beef goulash 299 Kč
    dumplings, fresh onion
  • 700 g Smoked pork ribs 369 Kč
    served with mustard and horseradish
  • Roast pork knee 399 Kč 
    served with mustard, horseradish, gherkin
  • Shredded roast honey duck 319 Kč
    with dumplings and red cabbage


Side dishes

  • Freshly baked bread 45 Kč
  • Side cabbage salad 75 Kč
  • Potato on the grill 65 Kč
  • Corn on the cob 55 Kč
  • Small salad 75 Kč


Something sweet

  • Honeycake 139 Kč
  • Homemade pie by the daily offer 139 Kč
  • Home made chocolate ice-cream 99 Kč
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